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    "Hidden Secrets of St. Croix" presents an element of suspense as it portends a revelation of each of the hidden secrets on the island.  In her characteristic skill as a photographer, Clariice Clarke has managed to capture the minutest detail that emphasizes each object and transport the picture to the realm of reality.

    The precise photo craft with its complimentary light and shade highlights the primary colors of the St. Croix landscape, which combine exquisitely with the objects being photographed. This book appeals to the eyes, the intellect, and the memory as it forces the reader to engage in retrospection, taking a nostalic tour into the past.

    If, Indeed, the British idiom "a picture is worth a thousand words" is true, then this book should be bigger, but the author has wisely allowed the pictures to speak volumes. The author's craft in this book has teased our taste buds and whetted our appetites for more.

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    Although St. Croix is known as the cultural capital of the US Virgin Islands, it remains a diamond in the rough. This book, Hidden Secrets of St. Croix shines a light on some of the special places that reveal the complex history and culture of St. Croix.

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    A unique and tranquil stroll through time to enjoy the Hidden Secrets of St. Croix. 

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